Elena Ozerova
I will pick up the key to your potential by date of birth. Together we will change your life!
numerologist and astropsychologist

Elena Ozerova

Every person is unique
and born for something outstanding
Choose the optimal direction in self-realization and understand their purpose
Reveal their maximum potential and get a boost of motivation
Know their strengths and weaknesses and improve them
Understand why life does not turn out the way we would like
Improve relationships with a partner and / or children
I will give you my maximum attention to help you understand exactly what your uniqueness is
"Dream Way"
Transformational game
Financial analysis
Forecast for a personal year
Compatibility in a pair
Numerological analysis according to the method of statistical psychoanalysis
Analysis of the "Soul Formula and the Karmic Path" + Financial analysis
Numerological analysis according to the method of statistical psychoanalysis

The analysis is based on the analysis of the Pythagorean matrix and allows you to determine how you manifest into this world in your ordinary life:
  • How do you show your ambitions
  • Are you easy to be manipulated
  • How proactive and lucky are you
  • What is your level of energy and procrastination
  • How prone to depression are you

This analysis will give you a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as personal recommendations for working out the most important sectors for each person. Also in the analysis you will see your professional vector and will be able to understand the reasons for possible failures in your personal life.

If you order an analysis for a child, then you will receive a real "user's manual" of your baby, understand the reasons for his/her behavior and be able to gently adjust your interaction so that it brings only joy and pleasure.

Format: written analysis for 17-20 pages.

115 EUR
Analysis of the "Soul Formula and the Karmic Path" + Financial analysis for personal earning strategies

The Soul formula brings us closer to understanding the superfine energy, called "quantum psychology" - the psychology of "deep reality" that explains other realities. The Soul formula is a kind of photograph of the location of the planets that stood in the sky at the time of your birth, and it characterizes how the energy of these planets and their bundles affect the character of a person and his life behavior strategies.

With the help of the Soul Formula, you can understand:
  • Your deepest motives, thoughts and desires
  • The most optimal strategies for professional development
  • See where there are plugs in personal and professional implementation
  • Understand your purpose
  • Get information on how to ignite the energy of your soul formula so that the potential man was revealed to the fullest

Additionally, along with the Soul Formula, you will receive an analysis of your personal financial strategy and find out where your money comes from, in what areas and in what format it is best for you to work, what skills to develop to maximize personal profit.

Format: voice messages about 40 minutes + written financial analysis for 4-5 pages.

155 EUR
"Dream Way" - Transformation game

"Dream Way" - Transformation game with which dreams would come true.

With this board game, you will show your subconscious mind the best way to fulfill your desires, and it will immediately begin to realize its plan. The game "Dream way" is an amazing projection of life. Are you ready to move 100% by being yourself and accumulating resources? The game will show!

The cost for 1 participant online
55 EUR
Financial analysis

Financial analysis is done on the basis of the Soul formula and the Natal Chart (a tool of Western astrology). Financial analysis shows in which areas the maximum of your money is located, which strategies for earning and receiving money are best for you to apply, in which areas it is worth developing professionally.

From the financial analysis, it will become clear to you whether you need to develop in employment or build your own business, how best to handle savings.

Format: written analysis of 4-5 pages + voice comments.

85 EUR
Forecast for a personal year

The forecast for the year is based on Vedic numerology. It describes the optimal strategy for living a personal year (12 months from the date of birth) in a monthly breakdown.

The forecast for the year is not programming. We know that Danger foreseen is half avoided, therefore you will know to which aspects of your personal and professional life to pay attention to, where to direct your energy in order to live your personal year as efficiently as possible.

Format: written analysis 9-10 pages.

60 EUR
Compatibility in a pair

I analyze compatibility in a couple using the combined technique of statistical psychoanalysis and astropsychology. Such an analysis will show all the "bottlenecks" in your couple, the influence of partners on each other, and will also give recommendations for improving the microclimate in relationships.

From this analysis, you will truly get to know and understand your partner.

200 EUR
I help you fall in love with yourself again!
Numerologist and astropsychologist.
I graduated from the Financial University with a degree in Economics and worked for 17 years in international insurance companies, dealing with underwriting.
2 years ago I had a turning point in my life when I realized that the motivation and inspiration of people for new achievements are very attractive. This is what I built my work on.
With the help of the tools of numerology, astropsychology, I will give you a charge of motivation for changes in life and work
My clients' stories are published strictly with their consent. Personal data is hidden in order to fulfill the clauses of the confidentiality contract.
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Elena Ozerova
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